Facility Management Department

The Facility Management Department along with the Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and maintenance of the entire 67-acre campus including the recreation and sports fields, its 100,000 sq feet of facility as well as all equipment and vehicles.   The department also handles all scheduling of in house room reservations and facility rentals.  During times of capital improvement, it works with the Building Committee to handle construction logistics and purchasing of furniture and equipment.

Our mission is to provide the cleanest and best maintained property and equipment which enables all our programming to function at its finest. Safety and security of all people on our campus is of the upmost importance to us as well. We work closely with the Gainesville police and fire departments to insure our campus and procedures are up to date with the most current codes and laws. All ten of our vehicles from the bus to golf carts to trailers undergo routine maintenance to insure all transportation is safe and functions properly.