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Get Set for School Readiness and Writing

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Our curriculum is the Get Set for School Readiness and Writing program. Young children are not ready to sit still and focus for long periods of time. They learn best when they move, manipulate objects, build, sing, draw, and participate in dramatic play. The Readiness and Writing program acknowledges that learning needs to be joyful, child-friendly, and active. We will be building skills in delightful way, but also carefully, deliberately, and one step at a time.

SS PhotoBoardWriting requires many skills that are essential for school: physical, language, cognitive, social, and perceptual. The handwriting component is based on more than 25 years of success with Handwriting Without Tears. We will be incorporating music, movement, and multisensory manipulatives to teach all the core readiness skills including crayon grip, letter and number recognition, number and capital letter formation, and body awareness.

As we teach various letters this year, they will not be introduced in alphabetical order; rather in order of easy to difficult handwriting stokes. Get Set for School is an award winning curriculum. We are delighted to share this curriculum with your children as we give them their first tools for learning and a foundation from which to build on.


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Specials are classes added to our curriculum for a complete “whole child” experience.
Music: through music children develop self esteem, and individual creativity.    
Happy Feet (Physical Education):Organized movement helps children build motor skills and lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  Happy Feet meets on Thursday and Friday, every other week.  We’re “a movin’ and a shakin’” to develop our bodies and our minds!  

SS ChapelSpiritual Program

Our One in Christ curriculum offers a Christ based lesson every week. Each lesson provides a framework for children to explore, express, create, and relate to one another each day.

Another benefit to our One In Christ curriculum is the weekly single sheet handout for parents. This family letter includes a fold-n-tell Bible story picture, the weekly theme, a simple telling of the Bible story, Bible words to learn, and faith-based family activity suggestions. We hope this will keep you informed and involved with the lessons we are teaching at school.

What a blessing it is to work with children and share God’s love with them each day! As partners in the spiritual education of your child, we have the privilege of planting the seeds of faith and nurturing children as they grow and learn about themselves, the world around them, and God’s love for them in Christ. Together, we are One In Christ!

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