Retirement Planning

Did you know that nearly half your retirement plan assets can be eaten away by taxes at your death?  Like many people, you are probably aware that the accumulation of assets in your retirement plan is the basis for a financially secure future.  To preserve your retirement assets after your lifetime, consider the benefits of using them in a totally different way than you might have thought.  Retirement accounts are often exposed to income taxes and estate taxes, at a combined marginal rate that could rise to 65% or even higher on large, taxable estates.  These taxes can be avoided or reduced through carefully planned charitable gifts.

Gifts of Life Insurance have become a very popular and easy way for people to make a donation to their church or other charitable organization. Making such a gift can be as easy as simply naming the church as one of the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy. One can also donate the policy itself.

Gifts of Securities can be a great way to make a larger donation while avoiding any capital gains taxes. One can donate appreciated stock held more than a year and pay no capital gains taxes.

Gifts of Real Property such as land, houses, buildings or other non cash assets can be made to the church.